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Management Policy

Your Inspiration to Sealing Solutions


  • Become one of the internationally recognized sealing products manufacturer.
  • Create world famous brand through continuous advancement in technology.
  • Carry out logical, computerized, and systematic working environment.
  • Create maximum profit in order to favor employees, share-holders and customers.
  • Achieve maximum efficiency through synergy.


  • Ensure maximum quality of MFC personnel.
  • Achieve customer satisfaction in all aspects.
  • Broaden product range, and develop advanced products.
  • Achieve maximum market distribution.
  • Achieve maximum profitability through joint ventures and strategic partnerships.


  • Efficient personnel and satisfied customers are MFC's most precious assets.
  • Manage globally and satisfy social and environmental needs.


  • Resource conservation: the reduction in the use of energy, water, and other materials.
  • Recycling: recycle waste of materials and cherish all resources.
  • Accordance with laws: compliant to related environmental laws and restrictions; practicing environmental education training.
  • The fulfillment of customer environmental requirements: examining all customers’ environmental requirements and verifying the customers’ satisfaction.
  • Pollution Prevention: New equipment, production line and space has to consider pollution prevention.
  • Continuous Improvement: commit to continuous recycling and saving of energy, water and paper.




1974 Maifung Co., Ltd. Established as a trading company, with a capital of USD thirty thound and two employees. Mainly in trading of oil seals and other sealing products.
1981 Maifung distributes its oil seals to Germany and other major OEM companies within the Europe.
1991 Establishment of Haifung (HFC) in Shenzhen, China, with capital of USD three hundred thousand and 30 employees, specialized in manufacturing of o-rings and other custom designed moulded rubber parts.
1992 Establishment of Maihwa (MHC) in Shanghai, China, with capital of USD two hundred and ninety thousand and 50 employees, specialized in manufacturing a variety of oil seals and other rubber bonded metal products.
1994 MFC branded oil seals successfully distributes to major OEM companies in China, Germany, United States, United Kingdom, France, South Africa, Italy and Chile.
1995 MFC headquarters-Taipei, Taiwan obtained its first ISO-9002 certification.
1995 Establishment of Research and Development divisions to develop and design o-rings, other sealing products and tooling.
1995 Started manufacturing of tools for oil seals and other rubber bonded metal products in Maihwa, China.
1997 MHC and HFC respectively obtained ISO-9002 certification, and started complete programmers of quality improvement procedures.
1999 MFC, MHC and HFC respectively obtained QS9000 certification.
2000 Introduction of ERP software system, to ensure computerized processing in order to enhance efficiency and reduce costs which is reflected on our prices offered to customers.
2000 Obtained NSF certification for FDA purposes for materials NBR and EPDM.
2001 Established branch in Cheng-Du, China in an effort to improve customer services.
2001 Introduction of the Basler Inspection machine (Zero Defect) in order to supply our customers with Zero Defect o-rings.
2001 Establishment of the MFC European Customer Service Centre to serve our customers in Europe.
2002 Established branch in Guangzhou, Wu-Han, Nanchang and Beijing in order to improve service to customers in China.
2003 Obtained QS9000 (based on ISO9001).
2004 Officially obtained CNLA certification.
2005 MFC Group (MFC Taiwan, Shanghai and Shenzhen) respectively obtained TS16949 certification.
2005 MFC manufactured FFKM O-rings and seals in Taipei. MFC products are approved by the world's leading semiconductor and LCD companies.
2007 MFC Laboratory obtained TAF certification.
2008 Established branch of Semiconductor department in Shanghai, China.
2008 Obtained patent of Customized Wafer Seal.
2009 FFKM products were successfully exported to Japan.
2010 Automatic transmission products were successfully sold to seventeen countries worldwide, including the world's leading automobile parts companies.
2010 MFC was named as the best cost-saving supplier from the world's leading semiconductor company.
2011 Relocation / expansion of MFC Shanghai.
2012 Obtained ISO 14001. MFC achieves commitment to the environment.
2013 MFC Taipei begins to propose ISO 13485 and AS 9100 certifications, with the expectation of expanding the market and serving more high end customers.
2014 MFC Taipei obtained ISO 13485 and AS 9100 certifications.
2015 Relocation / expansion of MFC Shenzhen to Huizhou.
2016 Set up a clean room in MFC Huizhou.
2017 Expansion of MFC Taipei clean rooms.
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