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Excellent Chemical and Temperature Resistance

Excellent Chemical and Temperature Resistance

Excellent Chemical and Temperature Resistance

Product ID: Puruz P335

Puruz P335 is a specific compound boasting good chemical and mechanical properties. It features: low compression set for general purpose use in o-rings, diaphragms, seals and other semiconductor and TFT-LCD components, good response to temperature cycling effects, stability at service temperatures as high as 260°C, and excellent chemical resistance with minimal metal extraction. It is well suited for both static and dynamic applications such as slit valve doors, gas feed-throughs, chamber seals, etc. Class 100 post-cleaning and packaging is adapted for parts made from Puruz P335.


  • Valve seals
  • V-seals
  • Bell jar seals
  • Filter seals
  • Chamber seals
  • Lid seals
  • Gas inlet seals
  • Isolator valve seal
  • End point windows
  • Slit Valve seals
  • Window seals
  • KF fitting seals


Recommended Processes
  • Deposition: CVD, APCVD, HDPCVD..., PVD
  • Plasma etching: Oxide, Metal, Poly
  • Ashing
  • Ion implant
  • Remote plasma cleans
  • Rapid thermal process
  • Wet stripper
  • Wet etching
  • Wet cleaning


  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent physical properties
  • Minimal metal extraction
  • Low out-gassing
Typical Physical Properties1
Physical Typical Value
Color Black
Hardness, Shore A2 80
Tensile Strength, MPa 14.7
Elongation, % 130
100% Modulus, MPa 12.3
Compression Set4:
70 hours @ 200°C @ 25% Deflection

Service Temperature Range -20°C~260°C
1 Accumulated Average data.
2 ASTM D2240 (AS 568A 214 O-ring test specimens)
3 ASTM D412 (Dumbbell test specimens)
4 ASTM D395B and ASTM D1414 (AS 568A 214 O-ring test specimens)
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